What images can I choose for my book?

You can send your own images or you can choose some from the official Flickr page, Geocentric Outdoors Facebook. If choosing from official images please send filenames and brief description only for these shots. example
_MG_3638 (Gus, Karina smiling)
– MP7_0492 (beach action team pic)
– IMG_6219 (finish)
– E3v19933 (ride shot) use for cover

You should be able to copy and post the filename from flickr (bottom left) and facebook (in the description).

Please dont send official flickr/facebook images without filenames – these will all have arws logos. I cant locate them.

Any images that don’t have a filename/arws logo’s means I don’t have access to the high res images.

The only time I can use Facebook images is of you want me to use them as sent. These files are small and generally unsuitable for good printing but they can be used in a small image but quality will be greatly reduced.

I will send more information but how to find you images on Flickr after ordering.